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Carlo Ferrer Santos, known as C-Tru, is an multi-ethnic (Filipino/Chinese/Spanish) award winning rapper, singer and songwriter from California.  He stands for diversity and inclusion and uses music as a platform to advance positive change in the world.  


C-Tru first gained major attention when he was crowned grand champion by Grammy winning rap star Chamillionaire in the 2007 National Energizer Freestylin' Music Contest.  

An established performer, C-Tru completed three successful tours in Europe (2010, 2011, 2015) headlining venues in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

As a featured artist and songwriter he has garnered four #1 charting albums (Philippines, Europe) from 2016-2017, solidifying his hit-making prowess.



With a growing reputation as the go-to person for high profile projects, in 2017 he collaborated with rap icon DMX on the track “The Dog in Me”.  The video has accumulated a million plus views on YouTube and was certified as a Gold single. 

C-Tru has another radio smash with his new record with hiphop legend Snoop Dogg “California Party”.  Already with millions of views on YouTube, it has numerous placements in tv and films.  


Ever the business savvy entrepreneur, he's leveled up and taken executive roles as President of entertainment studio 'ARCA VIA' and VP of Music/Entertainment at 'AsianNet Media'.  Helping to lead a movement of AAPI empowerment, in 2021 he partnered with 'Joy Ruckus Club' (the largest virtual Asian music festival in the world) to perform concerts that gave back to the communities and businesses affected by anti-Asian hate crimes.  

A rising star artist and hit songwriter/music producer with songs on the way with global icons, C-Tru continues to develop as an instrumental force in the music industry.

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